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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018
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Red Oak Solutions

For dealer-based manufacturing, up until now, it has been impossible to deploy customer-based solutions that provide 100% dealer participation and acceptance with 100% track-ability of all actions while guaranteeing that…

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Welcome to Red Oak Marketing Group

ed Oak: Red Oak Marketing, the leader in intelligent communication solutions, enables clients to guarantee, track and automatically react to all customer communication—critical for today's businesses to operate effectively in the 21st Century’s dynamic marketplace. The foundation of Red Oak, and our core competency, is communication enabling our customers to build an electronic, segmented, community of prospects and customers, and communicate with them targeted, relevant information.

Communication Engine: It is Red Oak’s communication foundation, and how we deploy, that allows us to provide these programs rapidly, with complete compliance and with higher rates of success. Red Oak allows you to use each consumer’s electronic identity to solidify existing relationships, initiate new ones, and convert one-time visitors or buyers into repeat business and long-term customers. With Red Oak solutions, clients can enhance the quality of contact by building real-time dialogue using your existing web infrastructure.

Solutions: Red Oak offers full service customer care and electronic communication solutions including lead management, nurture marketing, dealer support and customer loyalty campaigns. All of Red Oak’s services have one thing in common, reaching the 21st Century Consumer with your customized marketing, delivering it to them at their convenience. Contact us today to find out more about our well-defined processes and how you can engender more effective consumer connections…

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Lead Management

Lead Management

Seamlessly links into your existing website

Campaign Management

Opportunity Management

Right message to the right person at the right time

Nurture Marketing

E-mail Marketing

Focusing on those who are focused on your products

Service Scheduler

Service Scheduler

Service tool designed for dealers and service shops

Web Integration

Web Development

Visitors being converted into returning clients

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty Programs

We create loyalty programs that keep customers

Intelligent Comm.

Complete Integration

Red Oak’s customer care and communication solutions

Red Oak Marketing Group

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Customer Quotes & News


Red Oak Marketing offers new Nurture Marketing program.