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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Intelligent Comm.

Complete Integration

The foundation of Red Oak, and our core competency, is communication - and it starts with the manufacturer. Throughout our top-down integrated lead management, nurture marketing, and co-branded marketing programs, proper branding and consistent messaging ensures that dealers are 100% compliant from day one.

Red Oak can enable both retailers and manufacturers to build an electronic, segmented, community of prospects and customers, and communicate with them targeted, relevant information. It is our communication foundation, and how we deploy it, that allows us to provide these programs rapidly with higher rates of adaptation and success.

Single Database

Many businesses struggle with maintaining multiple databases, which generally do not share information. Red Oak’s solutions adhere to a single database approach, which provides a unified interface for our customers. Our solutions can generate real-time communications based on time, event, and actions, from an unlimited number of sources. The result is complete communication that works and happy customers.


Intelligent Communications Foundation

Many competitors offer a closed-loop, multiple database-dependent solutions, often creating impenetrable barriers that inhibit leveraging the information that is available. Red Oak’s approach is simpler. Essentially, if you can export data, we have the ability to consume it and plate it up in a usable fashion.

Because of the openness and flexibility in Red Oak’s core architecture, you can be up and running in a much shorter time frame, (generally within 30 days). With web-based solutions, Red Oak minimizes the hardware requirements for end-users. An internet connection and an e-mail address are all that’s needed to deploy. This helps tremendously with across-the-board user acceptance.

Communication Engine

It is Red Oak’s communication foundation, and how we integrate it, that allows us to provide these programs rapidly, with complete compliance and with higher rates of success. The Red Oak Communication Engine allows you to solidify existing relationships, initiate new ones and convert one-time visitors or buyers into repeat business and long-term repeat customers without reinventing the wheel that made you successful.

Red Oak’s Communication Engine provides manufacturers with visibility to all messages processed by the system. No longer is there a question on whether or not a communication was read or a lead was answered. By deploying Red Oak’s Intelligent Communication applications, businesses can now have a platform for perpetual communication, ensuring profitability and increasing lifetime value by taking better care of their dealers or customers, no matter where they are in the buying or ownership cycle.

Communication Engine