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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Service Scheduler

Service Scheduler

Today, the average consumer turns first to the manufacturer’s website for all their needs. Presenting options that satisfy all requests has never been more important for the manufacturer. Staying consistent with our single database approach of deploying solutions, Red Oak offers a comprehensive vehicle to satisfy the needs of your customers that require service.

The Red Oak Service Scheduler automates and simplifies the scheduling process for both the consumer and the associated dealer. The entire infrastructure is activated by adding a “Service” menu item to the manufacturer’s website. From that link, The Red Oak Service Scheduler enables consumers to request service work and then deliver that work through the associated local dealer that is certified to perform the work. This allows the manufacturer’s website to be the single source for customers to get the service they need when they need it.

The existence of the service form on the manufacturer’s website is an essential component that will greatly assist in managing the 21st century consumer’s appetite, however it is not enough. Red Oak’s Communication Foundation™ focuses on the ability to generate two-way (push / pull) dialogs with consumers allowing the ability to satisfy all of their needs. Generating timely service reminders to the consumer and driving them to a simple to use process of fulfillment results in dramatic improvement as it meets the customer’s requirements.

Utilizing targeted database information to automatically generate the appropriate reminders for service and guiding the consumer through a simple form that resides on the manufacturer’s website, Red Oak provides an on-line vehicle that recommends and reminds consumers of requested or seasonal service work. This solution is proven in its ability to dramatically increase service work, streamline the winterizing and summarizing efforts, and increase the volume of “optional” annual maintenance needs (e.g. bottom painting, tune-ups, etc.). Most importantly, The Red Oak Service Scheduler dramatically simplifies the customer’s process for fulfillment, all initiated through the manufacturer’s website.

The Red Oak Service Scheduler solution also allows the consumer to research a FAQ / Maintenance guide which clearly describes each of the available maintenance services avail to them.