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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Nurture Marketing

E-mail Marketing

The power of today’s websites is not how many visitors you have but who the visitors are. By focusing on the “who” you are gathering information on people who have demonstrated that right now, this moment, they are focused on your product. Red Oak’s Nurture Marketing gathers information about your clients by segmenting them based on previous choices. After an email address is obtained, companies begin the process by sending just the information the consumer is interested in. This information is obtained by tracking every action—and non-action—taken by the recipient. Creating manageable segments gives the ability to truly take advantage of targeting, communicating and creating actionable items. This segmentation is then reviewed and next step actions are determined.

With Red Oak Nurture Marketing you have the ability to go beyond finding customers for your products to finding products for your customers. Our Nurture Marketing System also helps satisfy customer issues of after-purchase service and quality. By providing prospects and customers with information, driving them back to your website and supplying third party reviews and articles, those prospects become familiar with your brand and lifestyle. When they are ready to make a purchase they feel comfortable that you as a manufacturer will take care of them best.

Contact Red Oak to discuss how Nurture Marketing can impact the future of your business.