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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Campaign Management

Opportunity Management

Red Oak, the leader in intelligent communication solutions offers a far more comprehensive and effective approach to email campaign management. The Red Oak Campaign Management solution focuses on the requirements of the 21st Century Consumer. Utilizing targeted relevant messaging, automatically, through our Red Oak Communication Engine™ and providing real-time response and action delivers the best response, loyalty, care and retention.

Campaign management is the most overused and abused term in the field of database marketing. Effectiveness can only be attained and satisfaction can only be delivered through customized, targeted messaging. As with all new marketing vehicles, the internet has been overwhelmed with “Rule of Thumb” marketing efforts that have proven to cause more harm than good.

The direct mail houses were the first to build email databases and offer solutions that mirrored those of their older direct mail processes. The result of these old processes is a quantity vs. quality approach. A decade later, the results of these old processes are in and they are not good. The advent of SPAM and laws to combat SPAM are the most damaging effect of a quantity vs. quality approach.

Cost has been the driving factor is the delivery of irrelevant, mass email campaign management. Because email has no associated exponential costs, businesses and email houses flood our email boxes with junk having a worse effect on a business’s brand than to not have used the vehicle at all. Ironically, electronic marketing, when deployed correctly, offers more to the businesses they represent than any other form of marketing.

Red Oak’s single database approach provides our customers the ability to generate any campaign of any topic or category at any time. The Red Oak Campaign Management solution provides a complete interaction solution to create, test, optimize, deploy, and analyze multi-wave, multi-channel personalized communications.

Red Oak Campaign Management solution delivers personalized, relevant marketing messages across all touch points and in real-time, resulting in improved customer relationships.

Utilization of our single-database approach and single-interface for developing, optimizing, running, and evaluating all your customer interaction strategies provides a simple yet powerful vehicle our customers embrace. Scheduled campaigns, event-driven programs, and real-time dialogs are integrated easily to drive effective, targeted interaction strategies for each customer.

Automated, built-in response tracking provides our customers with the flexibility to measure the performance and effectiveness of all marketing efforts using real-time detailed analysis, including performance and profitability measurement, that can be utilized in future campaigns to enhance results.