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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Welcome to Red Oak Marketing Group

As Red Oak’s client’s industries become more competitive, it is too difficult to win customers, keep them for service and win them again with subsequent purchases. Red Oak helps you engage both your customers and prospects through a wide range of communications.

Single Database: Red Oak solutions all adhere to a single database approach of delivery. Our competitors offer a closed-loop, multiple database dependent solution, creating impenetrable barriers that lead to failure. Our solutions generate real-time communications based on time, event and action. The result is complete communication that works and happy customers.

Red Oak’s approach, focuses on communication, providing the next generation solutions that eliminate the barriers our competitors have created. Solutions built to satisfy all of our customers’ needs.

Competition: Our competitors want to lock their customers into one-off programs that satisfy the revenue models and not their customers’ needs. They are interests lie in: utilizing their solutions to build on advertising models that grew out of their publishing backgrounds; offering multiple-module approaches locking all who need to participate in the solution to purchase and maintain local software; or are holding companies who have purchased a multitude of old companies claiming a complete solution. In all cases, the business is locked into various one-off processes, with multiple databases to support which are riddled with dead ends.