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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

21st Century Consumer

The shift from “how many to who” in driving pipeline sales has direct correlation to the expectations being set by the 21st century consumer.  Ready access to data through real-time satisfaction is no longer a luxury of the business through the internet, it’s the requirement.  The internet is now the first and primary source for information gathering of a new product or service.

Red Oak partners with businesses to increase market share through intelligent and efficient practices of converting this new internet consumer. Offering real-time satisfaction of all requests from business web sites, Red Oak is the expert in realigning internal corporate communication and process to meet these changing consumer behaviors.

Red Oak offers defined services to properly handle electronic communications including easy and seamless ways to quickly respond to the consumer.  A recent study by MIT stated that an inquiry that is answered within 30 minutes is 10x more likely to result in a sale compared to one answered in 60 minutes.1 Red Oak’s Communication Engine coupled with their industry leading intellectual property provides companies with tools to respond to inquiries in real time, setting the stage for the best consumer experience.