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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Co-Branded Marketing

Red Oak’s Co-Branded Marketing Solution builds global, centralized marketing efforts that can be deployed and tracked locally.  Managing and coordinating marketing efforts through a dealer channel has a variety of challenges for manufacturing—brand consistency, track-ability, dealer knowledge and program support. Red Oak offers a targeted vehicle allowing the manufacturer consistency of brand with its shared consumers through the leveraging and aligning of corporate marketing initiatives with their dealers.

Utilizing the Red Oak Communication Engine™, co-branded campaigns are targeted and delivered electronically with customized individual messaging on the dealer’s behalf, including:

  • Dealer Contact Information
    • Communication branded from dealership
    • Sent from sales contact at dealership
    • Incorporates dealer address, phone, email, web address, etc…
  • Automatic response to the customer’s response

The Dealer’s customers will receive timely communication, directly from the manufacturer and branded by the dealer. This allows the dealer’s customers to experience the quality of centralized marketing efforts to be branded from each dealer.  They will have marketing efforts happening asynchronously with their busy season involving minimal to no work effort on their part, all for a fraction of what those marketing efforts would cost them on their own.

The manufacturer will execute central marketing and informational messages and open a direct dialog with their end customer base.  Red Oak offers promotional marketing, demographic information, quality control and more, allowing the manufacturer to build a database of customer information that delivers the understanding of their wants, needs, and wishes.