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Tuesday Jan 16, 2018

Red Oak Solutions

For dealer-based manufacturing, up until now, it has been impossible to deploy customer-based solutions that provide 100% dealer participation and acceptance with 100% track-ability of all actions while guaranteeing that no prospect or customer falls through the cracks. The Red Oak approach focuses on this paradigm providing 21st century solutions to manufacturing that solve the problems that have existed forever.

Our intelligent communication approach built upon the Red Oak Communication EngineTM , meets and exceeds the requirements of the 21st Century Consumer and positions our manufacturing customers competitively. Targeted, real-time communication solutions are what we provide.

Solving the key areas of dealer participation, track-ability of dealer response and a guarantee that no customer or prospect falls through the cracks are why the largest manufacturing companies in the world are turning to Red Oak for answers.

Our solutions address:

  • Dealer to prospect to customer communication and expectation management
  • Dealer participation and acceptance of technologies
  • Tracking of information and behavior through the dealer to the customer
  • 100% Dealer compliance
  • 100% reporting of all activities back to clients
  • No customer or prospect falls through the cracks